Are the compressors new?

Yes, all our compressors are new without exception.

Should i get the old unit back?

No, it is not necessary due to we do not rebuild under any circumstances.

Do you offer rebuilt compressors?

No, Re-conditioned compressors will not perform or last as well as the new part. In case you open one of our compressors the warranty is excluded.

What is the relay for?

It is completely mandatory to replace the relay every single time the compressor is changed, otherwise warranty is excluded.
Old relay can be blocked providing a wrong signal, thus causing a constant work till the compressor is burnt.
Only CITRĂ–EN C4 PICASSO and MB VIANO W639 do not use relay, this signal is given by the ECU in itself.

How can i realize that the compressor is failing?

  1. Dashboard signal information.
  2. Lowered suspension level.
  3. Loud compressor work.
  4. Constant compressor work.
  5. No function of suspension air lifting.

Are maintenance guides avalaible?

Yes, they are printed inside the compressor packaging box.

What is the warranty?

We can match the 2 year warranty of the Original Equipment because we offer the same brands.